Yuki Kondo joined Toyota Motor Corporation as a trainee in the youth course at Toyota Technical Skills Academy in 2013. In the same year, he entered the Science-and-Technology Academy High School at Toyota. After graduating from the Toyota Technical Skills Academy and Science-and-Technology Academy High School at Toyota in 2016, he worked as a skilled engineer in engine development work. He entered the Faculty of Engineering at Toyota Technological Institute (TTI) in 2018 as a student sent by the company. Since September 2020, he has been engaged in research on computer vision and deep learning under Professor Norimich Ukita at TTI’s Intelligent Information Media Laboratory. One of his research results in the laboratory won the Best Practical Paper Award at MVA2021. He also contributed to education and research activities on campus as a research assistant at the Intelligent Information Media Laboratory and off campus as a lecturer and TA at Global Consumer Intelligence (GCI 2021) at The University of Tokyo. And he graduated from TTI in March 2022 as a valedictorian and received three awards. He returned to work at Toyota Motor Corporation in April 2022 and is engaged in research and development as a Research Scientist at the Frontier Research Center.


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